Thursday, May 12, 2011

summing it up

for days now, no wait more like weeks! I have been slacking in feeling motivation for house cleaning. I know, a real shocker! :P - I find it insanely difficult to even BE in this house, let alone clean it. The people that reside here with me, have pretty much ZERO in the give-a-care department for helping out. I decided to just let it all roll to see who would cave first. I'm shocked to announce it wasn't me!!!! it wasn't the husband either tho' which really shouldn't shock me, I think he could happily reside in a DUMPSTER! {ew} it was the D-man!!! I am pretty sure it was partially due to the fact that he was running out of school uniforms that he finally started to do the wash. I must say he's pretty good at it too! ;) lol -he had a good teacher!
the way I see it, {at the rate I'm going...} the house might be tidy & clean in 80-90 years.
80-90 is a common number that A throws out at me when she has to wait for something.
So far the living-dining-kitchen is vaccuumed. that's about as far as I've gotten so far.
I suck. in actuality it doesn't look like I've done a flippin' thing!
I really want to bag up a LOT of sh!t and just get it out of here! Clothing is a LARGE amount of said "sh!t" - I bet we could dress villages, with the amount of clothes that we don't need/use in this house. pathetic. problem with bagging up clothing is the husband is a hoarder and thinks he can use 'said clothing' for rags {eyeroll} I'm getting no where fast today.
I feel like baking now - mmmbaking... drooling...
who needs a clean house when you can bake?
I think more of these are required before any further cleaning nonsense!

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