Friday, May 6, 2011

a day

i'm having a day.
the kind that you just want to start over -
the kind that you know isn't going to 'go right' no matter how hard you try or no matter what you do.
I'd love to just sit on a mountain with waves of ocean crashing below, on a perfect sunny {but not hot or humid} day. Peace. Quiet and completely stress free.
Instead I sit here looking around a house that is in COMPLETE upheaval. There isn't a single room that looks comforting, clean or welcoming. It's incredibly disappointing - depressing.
I laugh. a LOT! I crack jokes. a LOT! but the realness of it is it effin' sucks! I want to run away far, far away.
sounds like I might see my mom tonight - even if it's just for a tea :) hopefully it works out.
mother's day this weekend - no plans. what else is new?
I need to find some adrenaline or something...


tina werner said...

chin up my friend... we'll have some fun next week, it'll help take your mind off of things :)

Lynn's Place said...

OMG I am sending {{{HUGS}}} you really need some...just remember of others out there would like to have a house to clean... so dont be sad be glad... we all have those days/weeks even years so take it a day at a time and the mojo for house cleaning will happen...prayers out for you today...

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