Friday, May 20, 2011

what to say

first - it's friday, it's sunny, the temps are t'shirt and shorts worthy and it's a long weekend!
I have my favourite voice singing {via cd - no i didn't kidnap him!} ;) altho', hmm... nah, too much work. I'm WAY too lazy for that. I found a victim to drag out with me this evening, actually, I'm pretty sure we'll have SO.MUCH.FUN! I really hope to get better pics tonight - the ones I have are pretty sweet, but I'm greedy and want MORE :D
I need to get some good pics taken of my crochet handy work for etsy - ya I started an etsy shop.
I really should get it fixed up - and in operation!
well... til i have more thoughts to share, go forth my friends, and don't feed the bears! ;)

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