Monday, June 6, 2011


What a whirlwind!
{majority was goodness!} ;) we spent this weekend at what felt like home away from home!
I {LOVE} having friends that make you feel so welcome it makes my heart feel warm and my eyes well up! Saturday we went to our friends house, stayed over and just felt SO relaxed and it was awesome! ~thanks again Tina & Phil~ ;)
After we left them, our kiddo's were so pooped out they just wanted to go home to bed! but it was my father-in-law's 65th yesterday (the big party was last weekend) so we went and had cake and ice-cream and a short visit...
When we got home, I carried my sleeping beauty up to her bed, and we both konked right out. I vaguely recall dh asking me if I was going to sleep there all night - I thought I got up but apparently I must have been dreaming b/c minutes later he returned to almost drag me to our bed! {grin} We were all SO tired this morning, if it was up to me I would have let them sleep in and be late for school. But dh woke us all up.. cranky and all! >.<
The D-meister was came in 1st place this morning with a victory that surpassed us ALL in the crabby department! He even REFUSED to eat his breakfast! o.O
anyway - it's all going to be better by the end of the day or everyone is going to bed! ;)
I'm VERY thankful to have this day to myself - I have laundry on the go and a parrot on my head right now. going to get my new orthodics today... maybe some new laundry hampers too!
even tho' it's monday try to think of at least ONE good thing to be thankful for
-for me it's school! ;)

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tina werner said...

thanks jen... we really enjoyed having you guys around. gave us an excuse to sit around and relax and enjoy the company. it was a wonderful weekend! (aside from hangover boy) thank goodness he went back to bed and got up acting semi normal again. LOL! oh, you left your bathing suit here...

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